Whitsun lunch in the green

Vi inviterer dig til gourmetfrokost med Michelin-kokkene, Mikkel Kjølhede og Nicolas Min Jørgensen – menuen er tilberedt af lokale, økologiske råvarer og serveres i vores store festivaltelt.
Køb plads til Pinsefrokost

Lovely communal lunch

This year, Aarhus Mad & Marked (Aarhus Food & Market) and the Outdoor Festival invite you to a lovely communal Whitsun lunch for all participants, guests and other people interested.

Here, you will have plenty of opportunity to make new acquaintances over a great meal, nurture your existing relationships, meet your fellow partakers and competitors and recharge your batteries for new activities.

The concept is built around a philosophy, that food is a universal language we all talk and that we can uncover unity in foreignness through food.

The menu for this year’s Whitsun lunch is prepared by two Michelin chefs, Mikkel Kjølhede og Nicolas Min Jørgensen, who create local and organic springtime food in collaboration with Gothenborg© and Sommergrønt ©.

The entire feast will take place in the Outdoor Festival’s large tipi.

Menu for Whitsun lunch in the green

Organically grilled Gothenborg chicken in a spicy sauce with flatbread
Organic pearl barley with lots of herbs and pickled lemon
3 kinds of vegetable dip and green salads on top

All menu items are subject to change


Saturday, June 8th at 11.00-13.00 o’clock

We only have 200 spots available for each lunch. We will open up a new timeslot when one Whitsun lunch is full.


229 DKK per person, which includes lunch and a drink of your choice.

Buy the ticket before Friday, May 31st 2019

About the chefs

Mikkel Kjølhede and Nicolas Min Jørgensen have played a big part in bringing Aarhus on the gastronomical gourmet map with the restaurants Substans and Pondus. They are also both active on the Danish National Culinary Team and therefore know a thing or two about putting a dish together.

At the New Year, they decided to explore new territories together. They have created a concept where a love for food, tastes and playing with local products are maintained in a more relaxed and grounded way. Here, everyone should be able to participate. Through their new concept, they wish to provide their own perspective of global gastronomy, primarily based on great local products and familiar flavors. The culinary answer to the saying: “east or west, home is best”.


Tak til vores samarbejdpartnere

Sommergrønt © leverer grøntsager

Gothenborg Kylling © leverer kyllinger