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Buy activity tickets for the OUTDOOR event of the year

Easy and simple

You need an activity ticket to try an activity. The more activities you want to try, the more activity tickets you buy. It doesn’t get any easier.

Tickets become cheaper if you buy several activity tickets in one go.

Save money on the biggest outdoor experience of the year – buy your activity tickets already today!

Prices for activity tickets

1-5 activity tickets
75 DKK per ticket

6-50 activity tickets
70 DKK per ticket – save 7%

What is it like to attend the Outdoor Festival?

A day at the festival can look like this: We recommend that you take the train connecting to the station – a five minute walk from the festival site and that you stay overnight for two nights in our Camp by Slugten where you can sleep in floating tents, luxury tents or bring your own tent. You can also sleep in a hammock near Basecamp.

Basecamp at Siimtoften near KvicklyRy

Here, you can absorb the festival atmosphere. You will find the check-in, departure for activities, the Food Market and the Marketplace here. You can enjoy the Whitsun lunch together here – read more about that here.

Mom is at yoga, dad is mountain biking with the children. You meet up for a shared canoe, kayak or SUP trip on the lakes. After that, you take a ride on the giant swing and the zip line in Slugten, a 15-minute walk from Basecamp. Here, you will also be able to go through the Ninja Warrior course. With rosy cheeks, you will return to the Food Market where you can talk about the day’s experiences and enjoy the lovely evening atmosphere at Basecamp.


How many activity tickets do you need?

If you are four people in a group, two children and two adults for example, we recommend an average of 2 activity tickets for Friday and 3-5 activity tickets per person for both Saturday and Sunday.



What do the activities cost?

Most of the activities at the Outdoor Festival cost 1 activity ticket. There’s even some children and family activities, where the whole family can participate, for just 1 activity ticket.

However, we do have activities that require expensive materials or where there is high security requirements. These activities cost 2 or 3 activity tickets.

When we publish the activity schedule in spring, you will be able to see how many activity tickets each individual activity will cost.